JGoods® Custom Sneaker Kit

$ 30.00
Tired of having the same shoes as everybody else? Use this kit to change that. The JGoods® Sneaker Customization Kit is the most complete outfit for sneaker customization in the world. This kit simplifies the process so it is easy for anybody to paint their own leather or canvas shoes, old or new. The waterproof paint has been lab-tested and exceeds 100,000 dry-flex repetitions without chipping, cracking or losing color. There is enough paint to customize 5-6 basic pairs or 2-3 extravagant pairs. Paint white pairs or black pairs, there's no limit to what you can do with the sneaker customization kit.


Included in the kit:

  • JGoods® Sneaker Preparation Wipes
  • One premium paint brush
  • Red, yellow, blue, black, and white JGoods Sneaker Paint
  • The JGoods® Custom Sneaker Guide
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